ODC : odyssey

ODC is a new work cycle, shifting our artistic practice into more sustainable forms for more impact in social transformation.
Odyssey is a customisable choreographic exhibition combining:
Choreographic performances, of three different types: Unready Mades, Loops and Capsules.
Mediation of shifts choreographic methods and processes through video, photo and interactive installations.
Outdoor performances.
Applying sustainability research to shifts artistic practice, and placing the public at the heart of the artistic experience.

ODC : odyssey
ODC : odyssey
ODC : odyssey

The Potsdam institute for advanced sustainability studies evoked the ten most important factors for sustainable human live on earth ten years ago. In order of their relevance: Justice, participation, freedom, solidarity, knowledge, diversity, preservation, happiness, innovation, efficiency. In the current discussion of sustainability the focus is mainly on innovations and efficiency, the last ones on the list and the only factors that do not require human reflexion and social adaptation skills, but can be outsourced to technological development. Bernhard Stiegler suggested that if art wants to play a role in the social fabric for change, it has to become part in the way we experience the world. We decided to reflect on these two Ideas and weave them into a work cycle.

The Unready Made in the ODC project draws inspiration from Marcel Duchamp's "Readymades" and Joseph Beuys' concept that "everyone is an artist." Duchamp's Readymades challenged traditional art creation, focusing on idea and context over aesthetics. Beuys extended this by democratizing art, believing everyone's creative potential contributes to society. Unready Mades evolve this further; they are dynamic, participatory objects or concepts, transforming viewers into co-creators. This approach democratizes art-making, making it more accessible and reflective of diverse experiences, thus enriching the artistic discourse.

Capsules are choreographed scenes from the past, isolated from their original context and presented in a performance setting. They are re-contextualised and represent archetypal or fundamental activities inside human nature, striving or organisation.
Loops turn around a specific subject, that requires deepening our understanding. A set of choreographed instructions that relate to a specific environment or topic. They are invitations to meditate and dive deep into a state of presence, an idea or a physical space.

In ODC we create these three formats in order to reflect on life today. They are then performed individually or in combinations as a choreographic exhibition. We take a fresh look at our choreographic investigations from 2002 to the present day - shared dances and human experiences, encounters with people and cultures, researches and social confluences- and bring the influences of our practice of performing in public spaces to the stage, in an exchange that plunges the audience into the heart of the artistic experience. The resulting artistic form is a sustainable immersive choreographic installation, in movement, words and images.
Different choreographic practices and materials are presented and shared, negotiated and carried out by a team of international dancers.
Through this project, we are developing adaptable, evolving and combinable choreographic objects, in order to build a choreographic toolbox that can be integrated into different places and contexts. Our Odyssey's are porous to the specificities of each venue and performance setting, and offer public space extensions in search of new possible connections.
Odyssey is about embracing the projects and creations we've produced, celebrate the collaborations we've had, it's about embracing all our memories and experiences, sharing their essence with the audiences and bring out new memories, discoveries, sensations, impressions and desires.


Project Malgven Gerbes & David Brandstätter / shifts-art in movement I pool of performers and artistic collaborators Nora Barna, Sofia Casprini, Michiyasu Furutani, Tarlie Lumby, Riccardo De Simone, Sophie Prins, Lyllie Rouvière, Lisa Bless, Filippo Ceredi, Camille Chapon, Pauline Payen, Madison Pomarico, Carry Shiu I Production management Alix Pellet.
Production shifts – art in movement I Coproduction Le Phare, CCN du Havre Normandie in the frame of the associate artist program 2019-21 ; festival Normandie Impressionniste I In Collaboration with Maison de l'Architecture de Normandie - Le Forum I With the support of DRAC Normandie / Ministère de la Culture; Région Normandie and département de l’Eure ; ville du Havre I Conception with the support of NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ - STEPPING OUT, subsidized by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative, dance program."